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Welcome to our research group!

We are a family of scientists striving for innovation by expressing creativity in our work. We design, synthesize, and study novel organic molecules that possess unique structural and functional properties. Our goals are the following:

  1. identify unique building blocks for functional materials
  2. examine behavior of those building blocks on a molecular and macromolecular level
  3. and ultimately have fun doing what we love

Our research allows us to use tools from all areas of science including analytical, computational, and materials chemistry. In addition, we get to enjoy collaborating with a number of theoreticians and other experimentalists.

Polymer Dye Conjugates for Bioimaging Applications

Polymer dye conjugates enhance the visibility of biological structures and processes with their unique optical properties and biocompatibility.

Janus Dendrimers for Drug Delivery

Janus dendrimers enable targeted and controlled release of therapeutics due to their tunable physicochemical properties and multifunctional capabilities.


Immersing rising high school seniors into the laboratory setting via lectures in fundamental principles of chemistry and research in supramolecular chemistry.

Previous Research Endeavors

Engineering Halogen Bond-based Materials

Using the directional and tunable nature of halogen bonds to design advanced materials with unique structural, mechanical, and electronic properties.